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Million People March - 26th August 2013

The Million People March is a protest in the Philippines to abolish the Priority Development Assistance Fund (also known as the "Pork Barrel") due to the PDAF scam. Calls for the protest circulated through social media, mainly on Facebook and Twitter, to conduct a protest on August 26, 2013 in Luneta Park in Manila and other cities around the Philippines and the world. A Fccebook page entitled "Abolish Pork Barrel" was created to invite participants to the protest.

26th August at Luneta Park


Photos from Princess Jacel H. Kiram-Hasan of the Sultanate of Sulu


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Isang Milyon Nagmartsa Luneta - August 26, 2013


At the Provinces

Zamboanga City

Tuguegarao City

Camarines Sur

Gensan City

Legaspi City

Negros Province

Negros Province

Negros Province

Negros Province

Davao City

Cebu City


26th August at the USA


From Switzerland to Saudi Arabia, Filipinos protest pork barrel, too.


All systems go for Million People March

MANILA, Philippines - Plans are all set for the Million People March intended to scrap the pork barrel on August 26, National Heroes Day, at Luneta Park, Manila.
Organizers, consisting of concerned citizens and various advocacy and political groups, met with the Manila Police District on Saturday to finalize plans for what they dub a "picnic rally" against the Priority Development Assistance Fund.

The main event will start at 9 am and end at 2 pm. Participants will converge in front of a large LED screen or video wall to be installed at the Quirino Grand Stand side of Luneta Park facing the Rizal Monument.

Upon entering, participants will be asked to register their attendance in a petition tent near the video wall.

The center of the rally area will be designated for individuals not affiliated with any groups and who are attending as concerned citizens. The right and left sides will be reserved for participating advocacy and political groups.

A command center with a public announcement system will be placed near the video wall. Command center head Vincent Lazatin of coalition Transparency and Accountability Network who volunteered as a concerned taxpayer maintained that no political speeches will be made through the main PA system. Only announcements related to security and coordination will be relayed.

However, advocacy and political groups who will be given their own areas in the venue will have their own pocket stages where they can make speeches and display their banners.

Around 50 portalets, donated by various participants and private companies, will be installed around the park. Ambulances from Red Cross, Department of Health and Rock Ed Philippines will be on standby on all sides of the park to attend to health concerns of participants.

Security concerns

On the MPD's end, Senior Supt Joel Coronel assured the Million People March organizers that "the MPD will be your partner for this activity."

He said they will deploy 2,000 police officers to protect participants from criminal elements and "ensure peace and order is maintained."

But it was agreed upon during the meeting that marshals–composed of around 800 private individuals who volunteered with the Million People March organizers–will be the first to deal with possible conflicts between groups or individuals in the rally and maintain crowd control.

The MPD promised to step in only when the marshals cannot handle conflicts or when a crime is being committed.

As much as possible, Coronel said, "we do not want to appear aggressive or hostile."
The rally organizers meanwhile, vowed to keep the event peaceful wit no harm to people or property.

The organizers

A movement that began from "call to action" posts on Facebook by various individuals, many unaffiliated with political groups, the event took shape after the creation of a Facebook event page.

With no actual names of individuals or groups identified as the organizers (even the FB event is by "Power ng Pinoy"), many were at first suspicious of the movement, said Nica Dumlao, part of the Million People March team who attended the meeting with the MPD.

That was why it was crucial that the social-media-powered movement cross over to the physical world. An "eyeball" meeting was organized on August 21 to allow people serious about holding the rally to collaborate in person.

The meeting was attended by around 40 people composed of private citizens, group representatives and social media influencers like Jim Paredes, Carlos Celdran, and Mae Paner of "Juana Change" fame.

Two days before the event, the groups involved in organizing the rally can now be identified. They include Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance, Rock-Ed, BlogWatch Philippines, Filipino Free Thinkers, Bagong Alyansang Makabayan, Sanlakas, Akbayan, UP Samasa Alumni, and many individuals unaffiliated with political groups who volunteered simply as concerned taxpayers.

But Lazatin emphasized during the meeting with MPD that no single individual or group claims ownership or leadership of the event.

Heeding the call

Various groups and institutions have thrown their support behind the movement including De La Salle University, Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines, St Scholastica's College in Manila and more.
"A lot of artists and artist groups said they're attending," said Kenneth Keng of Filipino Freethinkers who attended the Saturday ocular for the rally.

Among those who confirmed are Silly People's Improve Theater (SPIT), Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) and actor Audie Gemora.

The Manila event has inspired Filipinos in Naga to stage a similar protest in Plaza Rizal, Naga City. Entitled "Halion na an Pork Barrel Naga March" (Abolish Pork Barrel Now Naga March), it will also be held on Monday, 9 am.

Keep Luneta clean

Environmental activists also taking their stand against pork barrel lost no time in urging rally-goers to keep Luneta Park clean.

"Our righteous demand to end corruption is not an acceptable alibi to turn the park into a dumpsite for cigarette butts, food leftovers and wrappers, plastic bags and even for political leaflets. It's our collective duty to keep Luneta, a common heritage, tidy and safe," said Aileen Lucero, the acting national coordinator of the EcoWaste Coalition in an Interaksyon article.

How can participants minimize their trash? EcoWaste Coalition suggests:
  • Carry a personal litter bag or hold on to your rubbish until you find a bin.
  • Bring your own water in a refillable container to avoid buying bottled water.
  • Avoid disposable packages. Place food in recyclable containers that should be brought home.
  • Use reusable bags instead of disposable plastic bags.
  • Don't spit, throw chewing gum or toss cigarette filters on the ground.
  • Remind friends, family, and strangers to observe all the above.
The social-media-sparked rally will not be complete without social media mobilization. Organizers encourage participants to tweet using the hashtags #ScrapPork and #MillionPeopleMarch.


The Napoles Story - So the whole world will know.
August 21, 2013 | Opinion
By Alfredo Masigan

Janet Lim Napoles has strong ties before with the late Emilia Boncodin, DBM Secretary. Emilia is the one that keep Janet in the loop whenever a budget or SARO is approved and to which senator or congressman.
Gringo Honasan is a dear friend of Janet’s husband, Jimmy Napoles. I was surprised when I read somewhere online when Honasan was interviewed and he said that he doesn’t know the Napoles family.
During the coup in Cory’s time, Jimmy Napoles was driving a tank on the way to Camp Crame when his tank was hit by a mortar. Jimmy was operating the .50 caliber machine gun and the soldier driving the tank died during the blast. Jimmy survived and was jailed along with Honasan. If you can get clear photos of Jimmy Napoles online, you will see that part of his face and his arms show burn marks.

Their wealth started to build up during the late 90’s when they engaged themselves with mayors based in Zamboanga to use them as a front for a Foundation that will implement projects or deliver farm materials. With connections at COA, they were able to arrange completed projects without delivering anything. They established JLN group of companies sometime in 2000 and they moved to their new office from AFPOVAI to Discovery Suites on the 25th floor.

Soon enough, they were able to develop deep connections with more legislators in Congress and numerous senators. What JLN Group Of Companies do and their sub-companie, Jo-Chris Trading (named after their eldest child, Jo-Christine “Neneng” Napoles) – they use their foundations as the implementing agency for the funds of congressmen or senators. You see, congressmen and senators have budget, PDAF or the pork barrel , but these politicians do not have direct access to their funds and they can never touch it. So what they do is the politicians will create a project (common one is fertilizer distribution to farmers) and will ask DBM to set the budget. Then, there will be a public bidding to be held by DAR. The outcome of the bidding is already fixed and it’s Napoles foundation wins. The fund or SARO will be released through Janet’s foundation and the congressmen/senators will ask 70% of the whole amount. So if the project is P10 million, Janet will give 70% of that. Usually Janet’s nephew, John Francisco Lim is the courier of the money, they will meet at Podium or at a parking lot. The money are stored in plastic bags or paper bags.

So, whatever is left from the budget, 30% goes to Janet. They usually cash-in the check they get from DBM at Landbank in Greenhills and the manager there is part of Janet’s payroll. Janet also need to pay the inspectors from COA and whoever is involved in DAR.

This is their workflow. This is what they do for more than a decade. This is how the senators and congressmen make money. This is why theses politicians have so much and working class Filipinos almost have nothing. This is not only Janet’s fault. The greediness of the senators and congressmen are the driving point that keeps this system operating. It is also amazing that if Janet’s family and her company goes into trial, the people who will try them judges, senators, congressmen, are also part of this. I fear for the life of Benhur and Merlina as whistleblowers. Soon enough they will die. The people of the Philippines should protect them. NBI or the witness protection program cannot do anything about it. Because they are keeping the whistleblowers alive for their own use only. Once Janet gives payments to the NBI and once Revilla, Honasan, Arroyo, Pichay, Ducut, Pineda, Lim, Estrada, Soto, Lapid, and almost all the congressmen who were in post for the past decade, step in – there’s nothing Benhur or Merlina can do. They are as good as dead by now.

Please post this on your social media and share it to the world. It is time to stop this madness and remove the pork barrel and protect Benhur and Merlina.

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Jeane Napoles Lavish Party Scandal. lifestyle of napolis alleged from pork barrel   

Million people marches on                                                                                                                                           


A Million People’s March to Luneta”, tuloy

TULOY na tuloy pa rin ang “A Million People’s March to Luneta” matapos ang isinagawang paghahanda ng iba’t ibang civic-oriented groups sa Manila Police District (MPD), kamakalawa sa Ermita, Manila.
Ito ay sa kabila ng pahayag ni Pang. Benigno Aquino III na pabor na umano siya sa pagbasura ng Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) o pork barrel.

Dinaluhan ang nasabing pagpupulong ng mga lider ng civic groups tulad ng US Pinoys For Good Governance, Bulacan Guardians, Team Hyundai Philippines, Land Rovers Club Phils, Akbayan Youth, Grain, New Wine & Oil Ministries,  Juana Change Movement Inc., SAMASA UP Alumni, Bayan at mga  sibilyan tulad nina Vince Lasatin, Noemi Dado at kilalang kritiko ng simbahan na si Carlos Celdran.


A Gathering Storm: Million People March

I feel so thrilled and upbeat about the coming anti-pork barrel march in Luneta on Monday, Aug. 26.
For one, this would be the very first social media-driven nationwide movement. I can’t help but be curious whether the initiative would succeed in mustering a critical mass of people, large enough to shake the walls of our institutions and the knees of the rotten politicians that man them.


From the Pagebook page of Jeane Napoles "Ang Sosyalerang Palaka ng Pilipinas" 
(the daughter of Janet Lim Napoles)

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