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Photo Journal of Pandi, Bulacan, 26th October 2016 - Part 2 of 2

Ex Mayor leonardo C. Andres apparently was Mayor of Pandi from 1980 to 1986 and from 1988 to 1998.

After the downfall of late President Marcos and the assumption of office of late Pres. Cory Aquino,
all Governors, Mayors, and other local government officials were suspended by the then President Cory Aquino, and were replaces by OICs.

The late Mayor Anastacio R, Hilario was the Municipal Mayor from (apparently) 1986 to 1988, his abrupt termination as Mayor/OIC was due to fact that he was suspected as the mastermind of the BarangayKupang Ambush where ex Mayor Narding Andres was shot and wounded  and a Pandi Policeman Armando Cruz was killed by unknown assailants. According to some newspaper reports during that time. the late ex-Mayor Anastacio Hilario till his death in prison, maintained that he is innocent of the criminal charges against him.  

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M.G. Santos Street (looking towards Jose Rizal Street

M.G, Santos Street

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View of Hulo / Gulod in Barangay Poblacion

Corner of Sergio Osmena Street and M. Bernardo Street / Pandi-Angat Road

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Barangay Mapulang Lupa

Privately-owned Dry and Wet Market in Barangay Mapulang Lupa

NHA Housing Project "Pabahay" located on the west side of Pandi-Angat Road in 
Barangay Mapulang Lupa adjacent to Barangay Siling Bata boundary. The entrance toad of this NHA Pabahay is beside the Dry and Wet Market.

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Pandi Village 1 - an NHA "Pabahay" located on the east side of Pandi-Angat Road, the entrance is lo9cated in Barangay Mapulangn Lupa while the nm Pandi Village 1 pabahay is apparently located in Barangay Siling |Bata.

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Another NHA "pabahay" in Barangay Mapulang Lupa ;located on the west side of Pandi-Angat Roa.

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